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Radiesse in Oklahoma City


Radiesse is a dynamic treatment that can create renewed youth to the look of the face. Being composed of calcium hydroxylappetite, a biostimulator of collagen, it is a good thing for the skin. It adds increased thickness to the look of the skin and over time adds youthful thickening of thin skin. Choosing to do Radiesse is a great option for instant results and little downtime.

Radiesse® can improve the appearance of a variety of aging factors of the face, including nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It is also used to augment the cheeks, chin, and jaw line. One of the greatest gifts Radiesse can give is a prominent jawline or increased projection of the chin, creating a beautiful profile of the face. Exterior nose defects are able to be corrected, which sometimes lasts up to 2 years, with little amounts being used. Another motivator for gals is the way Radiesse rejuvenates the look of the back of the hands.

Restoring cheeks to create projection, which is characteristic of a youthful appearance, is the outcome of this product's performance. Through this type of treatment the crow's feet diminish their appearance and there is more confidence with expressions that would otherwise create wrinkles.

If you live in the Greater Oklahoma City Area, and are experiencing loss of elasticity, deeper lines, folds and wrinkles you may be a candidate for Radiesse.Contact  Brenda Livingston Beauty and Aesthetics